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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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upheld 5-4. chief justice john roberts breaking with fellow conservatives, joining liberal justices to declare the so-called individual mandate constitutional. he ruled the penalty in the law for not buying insurance amounts to a tax, saying, because the constitution permits such a tax, it's not our role to forbid it. it's a huge political win for president obama, and he listed the benefits to citizens. guaranteed koench even with preexisting conditions, no more dollar caps on coverage, and he praised the justices. >> they've reaffirmed a fundamental principle that here in america, in the wealthiest nation on earth, no illness or accident should lead to any family's financial ruin. >> this is a time of choice for the american people. our mission is clear. if we want to get rid of obama care, we're going to have to replace president obama. >> reporter: republicans say congress will not wait. >> i've scheduled a vote for total repeal of the obama care
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bill to occur on wednesday, july 11th. >> reporter: now, some say that the three branches of government, the executive, the legislative and now the judicial have all ruled on this issue. the debate's over and time to move on. but others say the health care debate is now renewed and will be redefined into november. >> brent, thanks. today's decision will have a massive impact on california families from continuing health care for thousands of people with preexisting conditions. to the creation of new health insurance policies for maternity services. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live with more on those who will feel the impact of the health care reform. jodi? >> reporter: janelle, many people have been on pins and needles waiting for this decision. including the folks who run this community clinic here in oakland, a clinic that has taken the lead on caring for oakland's uninsured. both patients and providers alike that we talked to today say, today's ruling is a huge relief.
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>> the fact that it cts basically equivalent to my mortgage to get health care, i think is ridiculous. >> reporter: heather is feeling relieved, more affordable health insurance is on the way. she must take daily medications to prevent blood clots and control asthma, saw her health insurance premiums double after she was laid off and denied affordable coverage due to her preexisting condition. this morning's supreme court ruling to keep the president's health reform plan intact is just what she'd hoped for. >> i think a lot of people breathed a real big sigh of relief, that it didn't get shot down. >> we're obviously thrilled. we're overjoyed. >> reporter: a nonprofit that's been pushing for reform says the ruling will have a huge impact on california. which has more to gain than any other state. >> millions of people getting new coverage, millions of people being protected. it's going to be fantastic for
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california. >> reporter: the ruling will mean starting in 2014, the state's uninsured will have access to affordable insurance through a special exchange. it keeps the state's low-income health program intact, protect the preexisting condition insurance plan, and allows young people to stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26. >> had the law been overturned in its entirety, all of those people would have lost their coverage, unless the insurance company decided to be charitable. >> reporter: for folks with preexisting conditions, it will guarantee access to coverage at a cost that's not through the roof. she said for her, the ruling's potentially life saving. >> if i was to lose health coverage and not be able to get those medications, it would put my life at risk. >> reporter: now, makosh who was a scientist with a master's agree, said she will try to keep up with her prem yims until 2014
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when she can get more affordable coverage. the folks here at this clinic, are making plans to accommodate the new patients. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. many bay area hospitals are cheering today's supreme court ruling. the santa clara medical center is the largest public hospital in southern california and treats most of the county's 220,000 uninsured patients. the hospital said it spent $95 million last year treating people without health insurance, and very little of that amount was paid back. the hospital's medical director said today's ruling will change things for the better. >> this act really helps us drive what we all want as far as change in the health care system. and that is, try to get patients primary care doctors, primary services for those patients rather than using our emergency department as their sole source of health care. >> bay area hospitals stand to lose millions of dollars for
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treating uninsured. the valley medical center said it should be offset by the increase in patients coming through the door now with health insurance. joining us with more insight on today's landmark ruling is sherry. nice to have you with us. bottom line here, victory for the obama white house. but it can also work well, can't it, for the republicans here, chief justice roberts used that magic word, essentially -- >> the magic word. >> essentially a tax. >> a tax. >> what now politically? >> well, in the short term, it will work well for romney. it's really going to energize the conservative base of the republican party. but remember this, mitt romney had an individual mandate in his own romney care health care reform in massachusetts. and there's actually film of him saying, yeah, this is a good thing. so that tax can be used against him, too. one prediction.
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this is just going to get ugly, and stay ugly. the name-calling will be phenomenal. >> sherry, how surprised were you about today's ruling in terms of chief justice roberts? >> i was a bit surprised. i really thought, quite frankly, it was going to be a 6-3 ruling and they would throw out the individual mandate. a colleague of mine figured it out this way. the angry dissent of scalia in the immigration case was because he was mad at roberts. if he was mad at roberts, the law would be upheld, and roberts would be writing the opinion. but i was still surprised. >> sherry, thank you very much for your insight. yes, this will be a political dogfight in the months to come. we have continuie ining cov on "nbc nightly news." and go to and search affordable care for a breakdown of how california stacks up against the rest of the country in terms of money spent on health care. right now, in san francisco,
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members of san francisco's ethics commission are gathering to continue their hearing on the sheriff. these are live pictures from san francisco city hall. he's expected to testify this evening. the mayor suspended him in march. from a new year's incident he bruised his wife's arm. she submitted her own statement to the commission in defense of her husband. oakland police are calling it a bomb hoax. they were called out to investigate a thermos rigged with wires, duct tape and foam. even though there was no sign of explosive materials in the device, the department exploded it just to be safe. it was found this morning near oakland's salvation army on webster street in the shadows of 880. investigators say the thermos was made to look like a real bomb. neighboring buildings were also evacuated while it was detonated. within an hour, the surrounding streets were reopened. an extortion case targeting
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the head coach of the warriors is grabbing the headlines tonight. mark jackson said he was involved with a former stripper six years ago. according to the warriors, 28-year-old alexis adams had nude pictures of jackson and wanted money to keep the photos from becoming public. the coach said in a statement released today that an accomplice, marcus shaw, approached him in april during a road trip in memphis and demanded money for the pictures. jackson consulted with team officials and took the case to the fbi. the team confirmed two suspected were arrested earlier this week. the road to london rolling through the bay area. it picks up in a big way tonight. the country's best gymnasts hoping for a slot on team usa. the pomp and circumstance gave way to high-level competition. the men are taking to the bars and rings. the first round has just ended.
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damien? >> reporter: raj, it is stiff competition inside the hp pavilion. the crowd is standing, cheering after every landing. san jose is ready to introduce the world to the u.s. national team. they rode into town to the theme of the magnificent seven. for the next three days, this is their scene. >> i have a proclamation that says the name of this city has been changed to gymnastics city usa for this weekend. so welcome to gymnastics city usa. >> the mayor raised the olympic flag and renamed autumn street the road to london. >> it's exciting to have gymnasts here, the best gymnasts in the country. they're right here among us. you can almost reach out and touch them if you're in the hp pavilion. there's no bad seat. >> kids raised the stars and
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stripes. >> why are you excited here? >> because there's a lot of gymnastics, and i like gymnastics. >> how cool is seeing the flag going up? >> fun. >> san jose doesn't get things like this too often. >> this is exciting. once in a lifetime experience for the girls to come and see this. >> reporter: the party kicked off outside the pavilion, the men battled inside. this is video of today's men's warm-up before competition began. five of the men will make it to london along with three alternates. the crowd will be holoud at hp, and those competing know the tank can bring it. >> amazing. this crowd, i'll never forget being able to compete here. i've lived out here for seven years. it was so nilgs. the crowd is so into it. a great sports community here in san jose. >> the official attendance here a 6,100 people, and they all get it. they're cheering, they're loud, they are being heard.
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damien trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damien. gymnastics city usa. how about that. the bay area, your official station for the olympics and olympic trials. find out more at the key word, just type in olympics. you can also sign up for news alerts on our local athletes and subscribe to something we call the torch for the day's most talked-about stories. the bay area proud segment. >> we don't know if we'll see the olympic trials in san jose again, at least for gymnastics. it feels great to set it up. it can be a once in a lifetime thing for me. >> the longtime gymnast who found another way to share his experience with the next generation of olympic hopefuls. dramatic political theater on capitol hill. yes, they were walking out. we'll have the details on the historic vote, not for health care, but against the united states attorney general. i'm here in san jose where things are finally cooling off
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outside. but they're heating up inside the hp pavilion. men's gymnastics today. we'll have your weather forecast and a special medalist that came from the 2008 games. you don't want to miss it.
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it is no accident, a big reason san jose was chosen to host the olympic trials is because of the knowledge and enthusiasm for gymnastics here in the bay area. >> a gymnastics community has turned out by the hundreds to help put on this event. garvin thomas is here with bay area proud, the story of one man who said his chance to volunteer is one way to give back to the sport he loves. >> scott burns is actually the volunteer captain for the equipment changeover. men and women gymnasts don't all use the same apparatus.
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somebody's got to switch it over between sessions, sometimes four times a day. scott is thrilled to be doing it. one example of volunteers all doing the bay area proud. it is less than a mile, as the crow flies, from the pits of the california sports center to center stage at hp pavilion. to walk it would take these kids less than 20 minutes. to earn it, might take more like 20 years. more than likely, though, gymnastics will lapped them somewhere in between. just like it did their coach, scott burns. >> i started tumbling from a really young age. >> reporter: scott grew up a gymnast in l.a. even though he didn't make it to the olympic trials, he was good enough to make the team at the air force academy. >> that was good. >> reporter: still, it wasn't until leaving the sport for a few years, he realized how much a part of him it had become.
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>> i really had an itch to either get back in the gym, or to do something to help out. >> reporter: coaching, gymnastics, is now his profession. teaching is a passion. >> when a kid truly does what they set out to, and you helped them get to that point, i've learned to really feel that -- feel a little bit of the success myself. >> reporter: it is in this way every day that scott gives a little bit back to his sport. >> this is our fifth or sixth changeover. >> reporter: it is this week, however, he gets to give back in a big way, on a big stage. scott coordinates the volunteers for the equipment changeovers at hp pavilion during the trials. four times a day, they make sure the balance beam becomes a pommel horse, the rings become the uneven bars, making sure everything stands up to what olympic caliber athletes deliver.
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>> kind of like going over my head, because i'm doing all this equipment setup. but i don't know -- we don't know if we'll ever see olympic trials in san jose again, at least for gymnastics. it feels great to help set it up. it could be a once in a lifetime thing for me. >> reporter: and while scott is just one of hundreds of volunteers helping make this event happen, his story in particular tells us a few things. first, the bay area gymnastics community has certainly risen to the challenge of staging these olympic trials, and that second, in gymnastics, success isn't always measured in gold, silver and bronze. >> nice job. way to fix that, though. >> i mentioned the term hundreds. the got the official statistics. 600 volunteers, 5,000 hours to help put this on. they couldn't do it without them. >> sweat equity, right? >> exactly. >> i always wondered who did
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that stuff, changing the equipment. it's got to be like perfect. >> exactly. they're competing for a spot on the olympic team on this equipment. it can't fail. >> thanks, garvin. we want to remind you about an important program we have here of the we want to give good ideas in our community to be great. we're launching 21st century solutions for local nonprofits with new and innovative programs. to learn how to apply for a grant worth up to $50,000, visit our website, applications are due by august 15th. it was a beautiful day. but changes are on the way. let's check in with meteorologist rod may yesterd e. >> reporter: it's me, but not just me. we have a silver medalist the last time the usa went to the olympic games. samantha is joining us, silver medalist from beijing. people look at you and say why is she not competing this time around. you've moved on to ncaa events with ucla. >> i go to school at ucla. i'm doing gymnastics there.
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it's a really great opportunity in the academics there, equally as great. kind of transitioning into something different, a different route and more opportunities with, you know, to a career. it's really great to be back. it's killing me not competing because my heart's still in it. >> back in 2008, when the trials were in philadelphia, what was it like going through the experience inside there, trying to earn a slot on team usa? >> on one note i was fortunate enough i was very prepared for this meet. so i was pretty confident. my nerves weren't too bad. but of course, it's olympic trials. so you can't help but occasionally think, oh, man, i've wanted to go to the olympics since i was 5 years old. so this is it. i kind of had -- as a competitor you have to keep your mind focused in the right area and trust yourself to have a great competition. >> any advice you would give to team usa for 2012? >> just, you know, trust yourself. they've done the training.
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i know they have the numbers. i know they're great and they can conquer the world. so just believe in themselves. >> you certainly did it in 2008. we appreciate you stopping by. sorry about the wind. kind of blowing things around here in san jose. thank you, samantha. speaking of the wind, the winds picked up around the bay area. some of the temperatures, you'll see we've cooled off. still 70s inland. but boy, the winds are really the story here. gusting up to 25 miles an hour at times. you'll continue to see that as we head into tonight. some of the weather headlines show we're now in a cooling trend. as we get into the weekend we'll start to see the temperatures drop a little bit more each of the next couple of days. and the satellite view will show you that the ocean air conditioning is starting to come back. low clouds coming back to the coastline. once the marine layer deepens, that leads to cooling conditions around the bay area. as we look at the future cast, what you're seeing there is the stratus on the coast pushing inland. we'll wake up to morning clouds
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through the afternoon. areas of low clouds. not just for the coast, but even arnold t around the inner bay. we could actually see morning drizzle. temperatures for the morning will be in the 40s and 50s. as we go through the afternoon, what you'll find is mainly 70s inland. low 80s in and around gilroy, livermore and off to the north bay you'll start to see some cooling as the wind that is blowing here in san jose, you may be able to hear it behind me, is the reason the temperatures into the weekend will be cooling off. yes, morning drizzle and mist is possible. so very comfortable weather. i don't know what the weather was like for philadelphia when you had the last olympic trials in 2008. but it is gorgeous weather for all the family, friends in town for the olympic trials. temperatures will be warming as we head towards the fourth of july forecast heading toward the middle part of next week. back here live in san jose, the event for the men's competition wrapped up at 5:00. nice little pavilion where you
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can experience some of the olpic sports for yourself out here. the little pavilion outside at hp here in san jose. that's it from here. a cooler forecast as we head towards the weekend. back to you. >> rob at the olympic trials. he's excited hanging out with a silver medalist. the next generation of cable cars soon to be very popular.
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history in congress. er rib holder is the first sitting attorney general to be found in criminal contempt of congress. but even more dramatic than the vote was the walkout that followed. most democrats didn't even bother casting a vote. instead, walking off the floor and out of the building. here ty are there. african-american lawmakers led the charge to protest the action against holder, the nation's first black attorney general. holder was cited for not complying with a subpoena related to the fast and furious gun tracking operation. he called it politically motivated. we'll be right back.
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29 days until the olympics and london's first cable car system made their debut today. >> they rode one before the cars opened to the public. a ride high across the river thames near olympic park. it will help visitors get to the games and prevent any traffic jams on the ground. it will cost $6.50. comparable to our cable cars. >> looks like squaw valley. thank you for joining us. see you at 6:00.
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